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What we do

We are a fruit growing business specialising in strawberries and blueberries; we grow, pack and distribute all our fruit to the leading UK supermarkets. Because of our privileged growing location and with the use of modern growing systems including a range of varieties, we have a very long picking season from the middle of Match until the end of November. For 2017 we shall be producing over 3200 tonnes of strawberries and around 100 tonnes of blueberries.

What we do

All our crops are grown under protection, glasshouses for the first and last months of the season, and polytunnels for the main season. Crop protection provides much better continuity of supply and better working conditions for our staff during inclement weather. Most of our strawberries are also grown on a ‘table top’ system so that they are picked without the backbreaking bending over traditionally associated with picking.

Our packing and cold-store facilities have modern equipment including a computerised weighing system. Our customers demand the highest quality of freshly picked fruit and during the busiest part of our season we run a double shift system to deal with the volume of orders we have. Our aim is to minimise the time ‘from plant to shelf’.

What we do

In addition to the production side of the business, we are very conscious of working and living in a National Park which has over 900 years of history. We have an independently audited conservation plan and our aim is to enhance the natural biodiversity of the farm wherever possible. We work closely with the RSPB to monitor our wild bird population, which we are delighted to say is thriving in numbers and variety.

In everything we do the clear objectives of the business are to be:-

PROFESSIONAL, to grow the finest varieties to the highest standards, blending the best of modern techniques with the experience of three generations on these farms. Always being responsive to customer requirements and understanding that the difference between good and excellent is attention to detail.

RESPONSIBLE, for the safety, welfare and career development of all our staff. To the environment and the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna with which we share our farms. Responsible for the quality and provenance of our fruits, from plant to shop.

PROGRESSIVE, as growers with ongoing trials of new varieties, different crops and novel systems. Progressive in our management ethos; our staff are our most important resource; we develop and promote from within the business whenever possible. The sense of ‘ownership’ and team spirit we have built is something we are all proud of.

PRIDE, this is our home as well as our workplace, we are very pleased to be a L.E.A.F. demonstration farm, welcoming visitors (by appointment) to see and question how a commercial fruit farm can balance the requirements of the market with long term environmental sustainability. In particular we encourage visits from school parties to share this special place with them.